Small format poppers! 🌱


PoppersPlanet’s small format poppers are great classics, basics for all those who love powerful and efficient poppers!

All of our poppers are made from quality amyl nitrites and propyl nitrites, they guarantee powerful effects without breaking the bank! 🌱

It is also necessary to mention that all our poppers are genuine products, at PoppersPlanet, there is no risk of falling on a bad counterfeit of poor quality!

The poppers that you will find on PoppersPlanet are designed in full compliance with European standards and will tickle your nostrils without risk!

Wondering why choose a small format poppers? It is true that at first glance the large bottles of cheap poppers look more advantageous, but do not neglect the advantages of a small bottle of poppers!


🌱 Small bottle Easy to carry


Getting a bottle of small format poppers is the guarantee of having your little pick-me-up at your fingertips wherever you go, it will be easy to store and use! Small format poppers are the ideal allies for club nights or festivals!

Speaking of festivals.

A small example of small format propyl nitrite poppers particularly suitable for this kind of event 😉:

🧪 Amsterdam Juice 13ml 🧪

An example of small size amyl nitrite poppers suitable for festivals and club nights 😉:

🧪 Winter Rush 10ml 🧪


🌱 Fewer losses


If you are not a huge consumer of poppers, it may be wise to opt for small size popper bottles to avoid the mess!

Indeed, the poppers, once opened, must be consumed within a certain time in order not to lose their quality.

Beware of poppers that have been open for too long, they could have no effect or give you a hell of a headache! Do not panic, here is an article to avoid migraines related to poppers . We had everything planned 😊…


🌱 A wide choice


At PoppersPlanet we offer you an extra wide range of small format poppers, from soft poppers to very powerful poppers, based on amyl nitrites or propyl nitrites (we even have clever mixes, little gems of poppers) to the best web price.

With such a wide choice and at such a low price, you will be able to indulge yourself and offer yourself several small format poppers, make a small selection starting from the softest poppers to the hardest poppers!

You don’t know how to choose your poppers, you still hesitate on the power of your poppers? Follow the leader ! :

How to choose the right Poppers?


🌱 Small formats, maxi effects


We have already told you about it above but small format poppers do not mean small effect! Our small format poppers remain powerful poppers that will liven up your moments of euphoria like no other! Rush, Jungle Juice, Quicksilver, Ecstasy… So many iconic references from the poppers world that come to assure you of quality products at the best prices on the Web!

Amyl nitrite or propyl nitrite, you will have to choose between several compositions, amyl nitrite is renowned for its power and its inimitable effects, to be preferred if you are looking for a powerful and hard poppers! Poppers based on propyl nitrites are also powerful but are to be preferred if you are a beginner or if you are looking for soft and gentle poppers!


🌱 The PoppersPlanet delivery and discretion guarantee


At PoppersPlanet, in addition to offering you the best poppers at the most attractive prices on the web, we guarantee discreet, fast and inexpensive delivery!

Allow 24 to 48 hours to receive your package in France! So don’t hesitate any longer and go for it 😊