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What is Poppers?

Poppers are liquids, discovered in 1844, originally used as vasodilators to treat angina pectoris and cardiovascular problems 🚑 .

In the 1960’s, Poppers became very popular, especially in the gay community, because in addition to its vasodilator properties, which facilitate sexual intercourse by relaxing the muscles of penetration (vagina, anus), it is appreciated for its euphoric and aphrodisiac properties. ❤️

Today this little magic vial is widely used, both in the gay and heterosexual community.

It makes the happiness of the greatest number by its effectiveness, its speed to act, and its many virtues: to intensify and magnify the intimate relations, uninhibitgive more energy, increase physical resistance, ……festive effects that make it a first choice ally for an evening with friends.

There are several formulas for the composition of Poppers, and above all several molecules, which vary according to the manufacturer; Their effects vary depending on the type chosen, here is a short explanation:


Amyl Poppers ⚛️

🧪 A myls are the strongest Poppers currently marketed in Europe. The properties of amyl nitrites are essentially: very rapid stimulation, powerful hot flashes, euphoria, renewed energy, …. and the effects are the most persistent among the different Poppers.

Euphoric, stimulating and powerful aphrodisiacs on the duration, these Poppers are rather intended for connoisseurs and regulars.


Propyl Poppers ⚛️

🧪 The Propyls are among the most popular and oldest Poppers on the French market, as they were for a long time the only Poppers authorized for sale in France; they are particularly suitable for beginners or people who like faster but less time consuming effects ⏳


Pentyl Poppers ⚛️

🧪 Pentyles are Poppers that are very close in molecular structure to amyls. Their effects are not exactly the same because the arrangement of the molecular structure is not quite the same, but these Poppers are just as strong and promise fast and full sensations. Their smell is more “sweet” and “softer”, due to the alcohols used to stabilize them. A slightly more “feminine” product.


Butyl Poppers ⚛️

🧪 Butyls have long been considered “the Poppers” of choice for their strength and effects.

However, they have been totally banned for sale within the EU because they are carcinogenic. Even if you find some on sale, better stay away….


Hexyl Poppers ⚛️

🧪 This new molecule already used on the American market is controversial and is the subject of quite a few studies aimed at proving its harmfulness.

Because it causes oxidation of hemoglobin and has an extremely strong and unpleasant smell, we have decided not to offer this family of Poppers at Poppersplanet.


Health and safety are our priorities.

Pleasure: yes, but not at any price…

As you can see, Poppers is both a very simple product in terms of its use and a very complex one in terms of the multitude of variants that exist.

Be careful and buy your Poppers on sites that care about your health and offer products that meet your real needs (a site like us what 😉 )

Are there any risks to taking Poppers?

As with any chemical substance, Poppers, when consumed properly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, presents little risk to the user (Aside from the risk of having a very very good time 😏).

Many derivative practices exist involving the taking of Poppers in ways that are not the “normal” methods. It is obvious that diverting the use of a product creates risks and this warning is valid for almost everything you can buy (Poppers or other)

If you are a beginner and want to know as much as possible before embarking on this adventure, we invite you to read our article “how to take your Poppers”.

All the information in it will guarantee you a comfortable (surely enjoyable 😏) and totally risk-free grip, of the little magic vial ✨.

In any case, you should know that Poppers doesnot act like a drug and is not listed as such in France. In particular, it is not considered an addictive substance like alcohol or cigarettes.

The answer to this question is therefore: No, there is no risk in taking Poppers, it does not present any danger, but on condition of using it with care and avoiding trends that are too “offbeat” 😄

Where does Poppers come from?

Invented in 1844 by the French chemist Antoine-Jérôme-Balard for medical purposes, it reappeared in the 1960s and attracted the attention of the homosexual community, which very quickly noticed the recreational potential of the product (acts on the duration of erections, on desire, facilitates penetration, powerful disinhibitor…)

In the 1980s, Poppers was still all the rage in the gay community and its aphrodisiac and festive powers made it an indispensable “accessory”, as much in the intimacy of couples as at parties.

It is sometimes diffused in the ventilations of the nightclubs, to raise the atmosphere. It is sold in sex shops, bars, saunas, discos, … but also for some years, in tobacco shops.

It still continues to gain ground today in the habits of partygoers or in the privacy of people who like to spice up their sexuality.

It has become very popular with many categories of the population and is no longer a product reserved for the Gay community.

We will not go so far as to say that it has allowed many people to better blossom in their sexuality, but nevertheless, it is undoubtedly true….

How to use Poppers?

The Poppers can be used in several ways, enough to delight the greatest number!

  1. By air diffusion

Place your favorite bottle of Poppers (you will soon realize that there is no such thing as a “good Popper” but rather “Poppers for every situation”) in the corner of the room and leave it open.

Let the scents awaken your senses and indulge your most torrid desires. 🔥

  1. By close inhalation

This is the most common method but also the one that allows you to benefit from the effects of Poppers the fastest.

Uncork your Poppers, bring it up to your nostrils and take a breath through each nostril, taking care not to splash the liquid on yourself.

Guaranteed almost instantaneous rise, you can even repeat the gesture by sharing it with your friends and partners: conviviality and complicity guaranteed!

  1. By inhalation safe +

This is a small derivative of the method described above but tailored to clumsy consumers or those who really don’t want to waste precious cash 💎.

It consists of inserting a cotton ball into the neck of your vial, letting it soak quietly. Then you can now sniff your bottle directly at the neck, without fear of spilling or splashing 😉

  1. Poppers Coca (for regulars only ⚠️)

Here is the recipe for the Coca Poppers cocktail:

Pour one dose of Poppers for every 10 of Coke (you can replace the Coke with another soft drink, but preferably without alcohol).

Put a beer on the glass and shake lightly

Remove the lid and inhale the fine bubbles that will delicately tickle your nose but are sure to turn your brain upside down as you get high for a few minutes! 🚀

Once again, this technique is reserved for informed consumers, it is also totally not recommended for people with asthma 😉

Ps ⚠️ : after inhaling the bubbles of Poppers Coke, we don’t drink the liquid, it’s only the bubbles to breathe that we are interested in, so it’s better to throw it away right away and not to leave it lying around on a table : someone might drink it by mistake ….

What are the effects of Poppers?

The effects of Poppers are very numerous, that’s why this magical product is used in so many different settings:

  1. Vasodilator: It allows a relaxation of the muscles and thus favours sexual intercourse, by helping the vagina/anus to relax, for easier penetration; it is a very good ally during intercourse that may be painful (and if you combine it with a good intimate lubricant, it is the 7th heaven guaranteed 😉)
  2. Disinhibiting and exciting: It releases the impulses and allows a letting go of the mind just super; it indeed allows users to give free rein to their desires and to flirt more easily, without restraint 🌡

Indispensable for fans of intense and direct relationships.

  1. It also greatly contributes to extending the duration of sexual intercourse by delaying orgasms. And not only does it delay them, but it amplifies them 😉 (what more could you ask for)
  2. Euphoric: Poppers are also very popular because they cause euphoria and happiness. Novices often laugh after the first puffs, like after smoking a joint (for those who are going to do it legally in Holland, of course…).

These effects more than appreciable in the intimate sphere are also plebiscite in the medium of the party. In short, you won’t regret having brought your little vial to a party, it will make you dance all night and make your friends laugh.

Side effects

First of all, if you follow our recommended, lovingly concocted instructions for use ❤️ there is very little chance that you will experience any truly adverse effects.

If you are nevertheless clumsy or a little too excited, here are the most common potential side effects that can be caused by using Poppers:

  • Headaches (Mild) – A shot of aspirin and you’re off for a hot evening, no need to worry 😀
  • Minor irritations (in case of skin contact) – A shot of healing cream and you will find your baby skin! 🌟
  • Respiratory disorders (very rare, except predispositions)

No serious or irreversible side effects are to be expected.

Take the time to read our little user guide (in our Blog) and follow the best practices so you don’t even have to worry about a little headache 😉

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