Can we use Poppers on all occasions?

29 Sep 2022 | News, News, Poppers

Can poppers be used on all occasions?
It will have escaped no one’s notice that Poppers have become an increasingly important part of our environment.

Restricted until the 90s to the marketing in sex shops and has a mainly sexual use, this product took off under the impulse of the French laboratory Funline, thanks to a wider and more open marketing, in tobacco shops, gas stations, convenience stores, …

As a result, this little dark brown bottle has invaded all kinds of shelves and is now everywhere. But can Poppers really be used on all occasions?

Poppers make sex easier

One thing is clear, its “historical” use, namely use during sexual intercourse, is not waning. On the contrary, this “little secret” of the gay community is now adopted by many heterosexual couples.

Indeed, Poppers being a vasodilator, it dilates the soft tissues and accelerates the blood circulation, which facilitates the penetration, as well as anal as vaginal and makes it possible to spice up the reports of all the followers of the sex, whatever their practices or their preferences.

Its effect is moreover immediate, therefore whatever the circumstances or the context, the Poppers facilitates the reports and prolongs the endurance of the partners. So for sex plans, no hesitation to have, Poppers is a must.

Poppers, the essential accessory for party people

But Poppers would not be so successful if it were limited to erotic use. Its plus is that it increases physical resistance.
So all the party-goers who want to stay on top all night long love it: clubbers, concert lovers, disco pillars … can’t do without it.

Unlike alcohol, Poppers dissipates very quickly in the body and its effects are short-lived. So even if you overindulge all night, you can still get behind the wheel and drive home safely.

No risk of losing your mind or being tested positive for drugs, Poppers has effects comparable to those of Cannabis or alcohol but without the inconvenience…

Poppers, the essential accessory for party people

No party with friends without Poppers

Finally, for a party or a dinner with friends, what could be better than a powerful disinhibitor? Indeed, Poppers not only increases the heart rate, but also gives you a feeling of warmth and well-being that frees your senses.

The shy one feels like he has wings, the conversations are free and the most introverted ones are let go …. As a result, parties with friends become real unforgettable moments and everyone has a great time.

Clearly, the success of Poppers is neither a coincidence nor a fashion effect. Poppers can be used on so many occasions that it has become indispensable to a fulfilled social, festive and sexual life.

So what are you waiting for to try?

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Take care of yourself!

Jules from Team PoppersPlanet.

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