Why follow us on Twitter?

29 Mar 2022 | News, News, News


Why follow us on Twitter?

If you are reading this article and taking your time to learn more about PoppersPlanet, you are not indifferent to poppers!

And if you are on this page by chance from Google searches or you are already a customer
of our site, then we obviously have things in common!

PoppersPlanet is not just an online poppers store, it’s also a team, values, fights. When we talk about sex, forbidden pleasures, the most extreme fantasies, fights for freedoms, for LGBT or straight love, the most hardcore parties…

We sometimes need a confidant, or an attentive ear, to meet up with friends and sometimes to feel less alone.

This is why, among other things, our PoppersPlanet team has opened a Twitter account, to get to know you better, to be able to dialogue, exchange, share subjects that are important to us and many other goodies that will only be posted on this account.

Does this intrigue you or do you not believe it?

I will tell you in a few words why join us on Twitter, why join our community exceptional people like you…

Join the planet of happy people.


As you already know, PoppersPlanet is the best place to buy cheap poppers and fast -hitting poppers that make you laugh.

But it is also quick to arrive at your home. Our delivery service is unique in the world!

But the Poppers universe is a vast world that needs an entire planet to answer your questions.

What are the effects of Poppers?

What is the strongest Poppers?

What is the best Poppers
and the cheapest value for money Poppers?

What are the side effects of Poppers?

What is our customers’ favorite Poppers?

All these questions often come up among our customers.

Our Twitter account answers these questions with our personal touch.

Give your opinion on our products.

We want to know more about you to get to know you.

Your feedback on our brands and our new Poppers like the CBD Poppers is greatly appreciated by our team. This is why we often ask for your opinions through a small survey.

This allows us to create ever stronger, more powerful and aphrodisiac Poppers to offer you legally prohibited pleasures.


News seen by PoppersPlanet


We are not just an online store of poppers and intimate toys.

We have convictions and we love freedom and celebration more than anything, no doubt like you.

By meeting your friends within the PoppersPlanet community, you will be connected with all our good intergalactic plans such as exceptional promotions, announcements (for example during Black Friday), new Poppers put online, advice for your evenings craziest or the hottest!

We have plenty of surprises in store for our circle of Twitter followers.

Our Twitter account also allows us to communicate with you on topics that are important to us. When it seems important to us, we share information and news about the gay and LGBT community. This is part of the values for tolerance and freedom that PoppersPlanet supports.

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I’m sure that knowing all this, you want to join our secret garden.
Our Twitter is HERE: https://twitter.com/PlanetPoppers

So see you soon smile

And above all, if you have a question about your order or need specific advice for your purchases, do not hesitate to write to us on the page poppersplanet.com/contact or in private message
on our Twitter. Pleasure to dial with you wink

Take care of yourself,
Jules from Team PoppersPlanet