What to do with your Empty Poppers Bottles?

3 Mar 2022 | Manual, Poppers

Recycle your poppers


O rage O despair…. 🎭
We are there, your bottle of Poppers is empty, you have come to the end of it and it is heartbreaking to have to part with such a faithful companion (we told you to order several bottles, it is more advantageous and that saves you from having the soul in pain like that 😂 )


Once the sadness has passed, a legitimate question arises and not the least: what should I do with my empty bottle?


At PoppersPlanet, in addition to offering you quality products at unbeatable prices, we are practical! We like to have a clean house and a healthy planet 🧠 ! Here’s the procedure to follow :


Use the bottom of your popper vials as a cleaning product


Poppers are the basis of leather stain removers (or Leather Cleaner); It is a proven and real property; So put on your most glamorous pair of gloves and use the rest of the liquid on a cloth to clean or stain your shoes, leather items, or even your windows, or even your old furniture, you’ll see it work like a charm. ⚡️ !


Recycle your empty popper vials


    • Do not empty the rest of your bottles in the sink and do not throw the vials anywhere, this could pollute groundwater with the remains of nitrites contained in your bottle!

    We take our courage in both hands and on the way to pick up our new PopersPlanet package we stop at the dump to get rid of our empty bottles.


    Although this is not the subject on which one leans spontaneously when buying poppers, it is important to think about it! Hope this article has helped you!


    See you soon

    In the event of an accident, or if a person does not feel well after taking Poppers, we remind you of the useful information:


    Emergency call number: 0800 23 13 13 (from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., free call from a landline).

    As a reminder:

    • Do not multiply the inhalations in a short period of time (risk of overdose)
    • In case of headache and/or dizziness, stop inhalation and go to fresh air
    • Never use poppers near a flame. The product is highly flammable
    • Avoid liquid contact with mucous membranes, especially nose, mouth and eyes. This can cause burns and/or dry skin