What are poppers used for?

3 Mar 2022 | Manual

Over the past few years, you have surely seen the emergence of small bottles of liquid products, sold both at your tobacconist, at your gas station or even in your favorite bar or nightclub, under the name of Poppers . But what are Poppers for?

Poppers are a vasodilator

Originally used in medicine, you saw them without paying attention to them in cap-and-dagger movies, under the name of “salts”; When the beauty passes out, the doctor rushes to make her inhale “salts” and get her back on her feet instantly: it’s quite simply poppers!

Poppers are indeed a gas in liquid state with vasodilating properties, which accelerates blood circulation in the body and immediately gives “a boost”;

In the 1960s, poppers seduced the international gay community, which found in these two qualities “boost” and “ vasodilator ” a precious festive and sexual ally;

Festive ally, because when you party until the end of the night, inhaling poppers allows you to regain energy and endurance, essential on a dance floor;

A sexual ally, because by dilating the blood vessels, the poppers also dilate the sexual mucous membranes (vagina, anus, etc.) and thus facilitate penetration.

poppers laugh

Poppers are a powerful euphoriant

On the strength of these historical virtues, poppers have conquered an audience that today goes far beyond the gay community; Indeed, its immediate but very short-lasting euphoric action is highly appreciated by all young people given its low side effects;

Because while there are many euphoric products on the market (alcohol, energy drinks, drugs, etc.), poppers are the one with the best advantages/disadvantages ratio.

Alcohol leads to blood alcohol levels that no longer allow driving, memorable hangovers and a sometimes disastrous and lasting loss of control; Energy drinks involve ingesting large quantities of ultra-caloric, ultra-sweet drinks with “modest” effects; Drugs, on the other hand, lead to an extremely dangerous loss of control, their cost is sometimes prohibitive and their duration of detection in the blood sometimes lasts several days;

In short, poppers have gradually established themselves as the best festive ally of young people.

uninhibited flirting poppers

Poppers are a disinhibiting product


More than an ally of a successful party, the poppers have also become the essential accessory of the flirt, because by accelerating the heart rate, it provides intense hot flashes, but also it releases the impulses and stimulates the libido. .

This is what the regulars call “popper rushes”, those minutes during which consumers feel their blood flow increase, the heat invade them, their head spinning a little and this feeling of power comparable to a “popper rush”. narcotic”; It is in these moments that the most shy let go and that social barriers collapse, this moment when everyone feels happy and radiant, this moment when couples are formed….


Thus the poppers have all the advantages of the most powerful euphoric products, without the drawbacks and above all it is an ideal ally of the partygoer, the shy, the flirty, the gay as well as the straight, …. So what are you waiting for to try it?