Poppers and masturbation, the new trends

7 Nov 2022 | Uncategorized

Poppers and masturbation, the new trends

From adolescence and the arrival of sexual desire, for lack of being able to consider practicing with a partner, everyone is confronted with masturbation.
Although still taboo in our society, many films have widely “popularized” it.

It is often practiced alone but can also be practiced in pairs or groups. It is often the first sexual act for both men and women, the discovery of one’s body when one is still a teenager. But the practice of masturbation is not so simple, PoppersPlanet gives you here some tips to make your next masturbation unforgettable.

The different hand jobs in men

That it is for preliminaries or to go until the orgasm, we make the point on the various practices:

– The man places his erect sex between his partner’s breasts and moves back and forth.
– Greek wank: without penetration, the man slides his penis between his partner’s buttocks.
– Thai handjob: the man holds his partner’s feet around his sex and moves his pelvis back and forth

Masturbation: 8 Things to Know

It should not be forgotten that masturbation is above all a technique, so there are some simple but very useful rules and tricks to know:

1. With both hands is better
Many men use only one hand to masturbate. By using both you will get even more pleasure and therefore more enjoyment. While one hand holds the penis, the other can caress other areas of excitement (pectoral, buttocks, …)

2. Vary the speeds
Do not hesitate to change speed during masturbation. Indeed, if you always use the same rhythm, you create a feeling of routine and therefore a drop in libido, whereas if you speed up and slow down regularly you recreate a feeling closer to the act as a couple and therefore increase the excitement. Your pleasure will thus be increased at the time of cumming, attention.

3. Do not overtighten
Squeezing your sex or your partner’s sex too tightly does not help. This is not recommended because it can lead to irritation or even burning of the glans.

4. Remember to lubricate
Intimate gel, lubricant, special masturbation gel, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to lubricate your private parts before masturbating. at home? A silicone gel is ideal, as they do not dry out, unlike water-based gels like our Xman gels.

5. With the acorn it’s better
To be able to decalculate and release the glans is essential for a good intimate hygiene, but it is also necessary to think about it during the masturbation. Indeed the glans as well as the penis take part in the intimate enjoyment. It is thus necessary to lubricate it largely and not to forget it when you masturbate.

6. Take your time to get your kicks
The secret to a successful hand job is to take your time. Enjoy this intimate moment to its fullest, and enjoy yourself without stress or rush, Masturbate while being zen and relaxed ….

7. What about the anus?
80% of men enjoy massages around the anus. Even if some see it as a rather gay practice, it is in fact an intimate male pleasure that should not be neglected, because the anus is also an erogenous zone. This could increase your pleasure tenfold and make this solitary pleasure even more unforgettable.

8. A good Popper to take off faster
Among the really useful accessories, not to say essential to a good masturbation, besides a gel to lubricate, a good Poppers will help you to take off faster and to take a bigger foot.
Indeed, Poppers is basically a vasodilator, so it will increase your heart rate and blood circulation, especially in the so-called “soft tissues” (anus, penis in men, vagina in women). This will stimulate your libido and increase your pleasure tenfold.

So Poppers is a true friend of masturbation, for both men and women.


No hesitation for the answer, an amyl popper is ideal for a good masturbation.

Amyl poppers are the strongest, so the climbs are faster and more powerful than with other mixtures (propyl or pentyl). Therefore, unless you want to make your solitary pleasures last, opt for a 100% amyl Poppers like :



Or if you masturbate often,
100% AMYL 13 ml

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Or else,
AMYL 25 ml

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Poppers Training: the new masturbation trend

This “new trend” is actually fake news but a real trend. It consists of watching compilations of pornographic film scenes while masturbating.
In fact, watching a porn magazine or a porn movie to help build arousal is a more than ancient practice …. But the idea of compilations allows to go “straight to the point”.

As for the idea of adding a Popper to increase the enjoyment, it’s obviously a good idea…

Let’s remember that Poppers have many advantages:
– 100% legal
– Cheap
– On sale over the counter
– Increase libido
– Boost the orgasm
– Improve physical resistance
– Decrease the sensations
– Dilate the anus and vagina

Finally, as porn videos and compilations are now easily accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer, it’s a pleasure that can be enjoyed wherever you want, whenever you want.

For a Poppers training session you need :
– An Internet connection
– A computer, a smartphone or a tablet
– A Popper (ideally with amyl)
– Be in a discreet place

Finally, to find the right compilation, the one that will answer your most intimate fantasies, it’s very simple: you type compilation and the keyword that excites you on your favorite porn video site, and that’s it.

The 9 benefits of Poppers Training

It has been scientifically proven that masturbation is beneficial to health. Small overview :

1. In women, masturbation prevents cervical infections
By dilating it and increasing the production of cervical mucus, masturbation facilitates the evacuation of bacteria by draining them to the outside of the body.

2. In men, it reduces the risk of prostate cancer
By evacuating the possible carcinogenic agents that the seminal liquid could contain.

3. It strengthens the pelvic floor
Thanks to the regular and intense contractions that pleasure provokes. This training prevents incontinence.

4. It helps insomniacs to fall asleep
Masturbation soothes tension, often of anxious origin. And the hormonal production that the orgasm generates makes it easier to fall asleep. The quality of sleep is therefore improved.

5. It stimulates the immune system
By producing cortisol, a steroid hormone that regulates this system, and by increasing the production of white blood cells.

6. It improves depressive states
By stimulating the production of endorphins, a hormonal substance whose chemical structure is close to morphine and which causes a feeling of well-being. It is therefore a real natural anti-stress.

7. It boosts cardiovascular health
The solitary pleasure causes the heart rate to increase, it is a good exercise for the heart. In addition, estrogen levels also increase. This hormone has a protective effect on heart health.

8. It has an analgesic effect
A study published by The Journal of Sex Research demonstrates this effect by increasing the pain tolerance threshold after masturbation.

9. It is a safe sexual practice
Zero chance of STD transmission or pregnancy.

Solo, or more if you like, why deprive yourself of it since it’s good for your health…

Masturbation can go beyond solitary pleasure and be practiced as a couple. As long as it takes place in an atmosphere of understanding, respect and trust, it can harmonize relationships and even dialogue.

Poppers training allows you to increase your sexual performance. Indeed Poppers, once consumed, boosts the libido of its user. This way, the orgasm comes faster and thanks to Poppers you can masturbate more often.

Poppers trailing also allows you to better understand the sensations of an orgasm and therefore to better manage the arrival of the orgasm, which will be useful for a report in couple.


We’ve already told you what the best Poppers are for good masturbation, but for a Poppers Training, we’re in the “performance seeking” category.

We address to the pros of the jerk-off, also there is only one Poppers which can answer such requirements, it is 100% amyl, it is a product of the mark JUNGLE JUICE thus one of the best European marks of Poppers, it is a 30 ml, thus that makes it possible to make quite a lot of masturbations, it is out of aluminium bottle, thus no risk to break it, it is
The strongest popper in the world,

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With this Poppers, you will enter the big league of wanking 🤩

To our readers and customers, if you have a question about Poppers or need advice on your order, please contact us on our contact page, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Take care of yourself!

Jules from Team PoppersPlanet.

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