Double Dildos

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The double dildo


Alone or with others, the double dildo is the ultimate sex toy designed for people who love intense sensations and sexual lovemaking pushing their limits.

With its realistic effect, the double dildo is suitable for both anal and vaginal pleasure, with this mythical toy you will be able to fulfill your most extreme fantasies and enjoy yourself beyond your expectations. Our realistic male and female double dildos will wow you to the touch, they come as close as possible to the feel of a real penis (realistic skin, realistic testicles…what more could you ask for)!

So, if you are a fan of intense sex games, unrestrained penetration and large dildos for men and women, PoppersPlanet’s double dildos are made for you! Some are equipped with a suction cup, which makes them even more practical to use… Whether you are alone or with others…


Why choose a double dildo?



🍌 Big Dildo
🍌 Realistic dildo
🍌 Vaginal and Anal
🍌 Inexpensive and delivered quickly