Medium format poppers 🌱


Choosing your poppers is often a source of questioning! Small format poppers or large format poppers? Stop now: Medium-sized poppers are available at PoppersPlanet 😉 … If you’re here, it’s because you don’t know which poppers to choose yet and we’ll help you! Medium format poppers are made for you… 🌱

Whether they are based on amyl nitrite, propyl nitrite, pentyl nitrite or whether they are clever cocktails of several nitrites, our poppers are authentic products that meet the most demanding manufacturing standards!

PoppersPlanet offers you the largest number of powerful poppers at the best prices on the web and delivered quickly!

Whether you are looking to have fun in the club, with friends, in the bedroom, our medium size poppers (15ml) are the allies to have by your side.

Why choose a medium format poppers? 🌱


🌱 The perfect capacity

Medium format poppers are the perfect compromise, you can take them with you to a festival or a club because they don’t take up space and you can also keep them in your bedside table for your naughty moments, their capacity will allow you to hold a few time 😉 … Whether they are based on amyl, propyl or pentyl nitrites, your favorite poppers will accompany you just long enough to satisfy you without getting bored!

A small example of medium format propyl poppers perfect for club nights:

Rush Winter 13ml

Another example of medium format poppers but this time based on amyl:

Ecstasy Pop 13ml


🌱 A maximum of references at the best prices

Our medium format poppers are, in addition to being at low prices, available in a multitude of references! Whether you are a fan of the Rush Winter, the super rush, the original rush or the Jungle Juice Zero… You will necessarily find in our large shop of poppers the product adapted to your needs… 😉

All our products are of course authentic, our powerful poppers guarantee you intense effects without danger to your health (except perhaps a small migraine but here’s how to avoid that -> How to avoid headache? )


🌱 A maximum of formulas

Our medium format poppers are, in addition to being available in several brands such as Rush or JungleJuice (and so on…), available in different formulas!

Thrill seekers? Our amyl and pentyl nitrite poppers will get you high!

Fans of softer and more controllable sensations? Our propyl nitrite poppers are your best friends 😉

An example of Amyl-based medium format poppers

Deeper 13ml

This time an example of medium format poppers based on Propyle

Jungle Juice 13ml

With PoppersPlanet you will always find the poppers adapted to your desires and at the best price on the web 😉


🌱 Express popper delivery

At PoppersPlanet, no need to do 30 lines to explain to you that our delivery is Express! If you are in mainland France, count 24 to 48 hours to receive the much desired package! The latter will be packaged discreetly and without any distinctive sign 😉 …