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To meet your different usage needs, we offer different capacities:

Small format (10ml), Medium format (13ml) and Large format (25ml)

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Today the poppers market is quite standardized and most manufacturers use glass or aluminum bottles, whose main capacities are 10ml, 15ml, 25ml or 30ml. But if you are a novice, you may wonder why and which format to choose.

For each format its use

The different sizes of poppers work like the different sizes of any product.

If you’re buying cookies, you’ll buy the pocket size if you’re an occasional consumer or if you need to carry it discreetly in your purse. If you are a large family, you will buy the family pack because it is more economical and allows for more storage. Finally, if you are a regular but occasional consumer, you will buy the standard package, as it will be enough to meet your needs.

For poppers, it’s the same

If you need a popper for a one night stand, the 10ml size is the most suitable. This way you won’t waste any product. On the other hand, if you need a popper for a big party with friends and your intention is to spin your magic bottle, the 25 ml or the 30 ml will be ideal.

Finally, if you are a regular but occasional consumer, a 15ml bottle will be perfect.

Do poppers keep well?

Poppers are alkyl nitrites, they keep well, but only if certain rules are followed.

First, keep them cold. Indeed, they do not like heat and degrade faster in heat. So whether before or after opening, keep them refrigerated.

Poppers are photosensitive, so they degrade on contact with light. This is why they are packaged in opaque bottles. But once opened, remember to close them quickly to protect them from light.

Finally, you should know that unopened poppers can be kept for a year or even a year and a half without any problem, as long as they are kept in the refrigerator.

Once opened, it starts to degrade, so the shelf life is a few weeks to a few months, if you close it quickly and keep it cold.

The bigger the bottle, the stronger the popper.

It is often said that the bigger the bottle, the stronger the effect. This is not true.

However, what is true is that the size of the neck does affect the power of the effects. Indeed, the wider the neck, the more product you inhale, and the more product you inhale, the stronger it seems because the effect is more powerful.

However, it is generally the large bottles, the 25ml or 30ml that have the widest necks. So it is with these bottles that you will have the most effect.

Does the size of the bottle have an influence on the conservation of the product?

Not really, whatever the capacity of the bottle, if it is stored in the fridge and closed after use, a 25ml will keep as well as a 10ml.

What is true is that a small bottle is often easier to consume than a 25ml. The small bottle is closed immediately after inhalation while the 25ml is often left open on a table for everyone to use.

In this case, of course, the 25 ml deteriorates more quickly because it is exposed to the air for longer.

In short, all formats have their advantages and disadvantages, and are designed to meet the consumer’s consumption needs (occasional use, regular use, intense use). But for leftovers, don’t worry, in terms of product quality or preservation, all are equal.