Poppers Packs


Why choose a pack of poppers rather than single products?


Our packs are developed according to certain criteria and by combining the products in a relevant way; So if you buy your poppers but don’t know which gel to choose: PoppersPlanet offers you proven combinations of poppers and gels. Similarly, if you’re looking for a party pack, it’s not like looking for a sex pack: our packs are therefore designed to offer you the right combinations;


Are popper packs cheaper?


Yes, at PoppersPlanet, the pack corresponds to an average discount of 20% on the sum of the items purchased separately; it is therefore very interesting financially.

On some packs, like the Celebration pack, we’re almost 40% off, so it’s really super advantageous;

The other advantages of Poppers Packs?


A pack of Poppers is an opportunity to buy all your favorite poppers at the best prices! Amyl, propyl, pentyl nitrite, our packs are designed and designed to meet all situations!

Facilitating penetration, boosting orgasms, boosting your endurance in bed but also in the evening, our packs are THE simplest and cheapest solution to satisfy your appetite for powerful poppers at the best price.

All the best brands: Rush, Jungle Juice, Amsterdam, Quicksilver, … are found in our packs, designed according to strict and uncompromising quality standards and norms. A mix of brands to meet all your desires.